Ballentine Civic League
Ballentine Civic League Welcomes You!

New to the neighborhood? Check in here to see Frequently Asked Questions about life in Ballentine Place.

When does my trash get picked up?

You should have a green rolling bin for household trash. That usually gets picked up on Thursdays for most of us. But call Waste Management at 441-5813 to make sure.

When do I recycle and what can I recycle?

We recycle every other week. Check this site to determine exactly what week you should roll out your big blue bin. Your recycling is picked up the same day as your trash. Click here to see what you can and can not recycle. 

What do I do with large items that I need to throw away?

The City of Norfolk provides residents with up to 12 special collections a year. Items such as appliances, mattresses and furniture among other things can be picked up by Waste Management. You can call 664-6510 or use this online form. If you want to move the item yourself, you can take items to the SPSA Transfer Station, located at 3136 Woodland Ave (behind the SPCA on Ballentine Boulevard).

How do I report a problem to the City?

The City has a centralized call center called Healthy Neighborhood. You can call 664-6510 or use an online form that lets you track your requests. Go here for more information. 

There's a dog running loose. Who do I call?

Animal Control can be reached through the non-emergency line at 441-5610. Call this number with any issue you think is important for police to know but is not an emergency. You do not have to give your name, if you don't choose to.

How can I get involved in the community?

Join the civic league. Participate in neighborhood watch. Help assemble or deliver the newsletter. Raise money for the Bark Park. Volunteer for our clean ups. It takes all of us working together to make Ballentine Place a great place to live. Contact Mary Babcock to volunteer or for more information.

When and where does the civic league meet?

The civic league meets at 7 PM on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the Trinity Word of Faith Baptist Church. Park in the lot on the other side of Grandy Ave and come in the back door. You'll see our smiling faces.

Where's the nearest dog park?

Glad you asked! The Ballentine Bark Park is located at 2717 Tait Terrace. We are the only park in Norfolk to have a little dog and a big dog section. We are working to make the park ADA accessible. If you'd like to donate or help raise money, contact Allyzabethe Ramsey for more info.