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Water is coming to the Bark Park!

On March 2, Richard from Urban Construction brought his trencher and laid the main water line! 

Greg, Eric and BR kept the PEX moving as Richard from 

Urban Construction ran the trencher.

Thanks, Richard!


Click here to see the trencher in action!

The water is phase one of our improvement project. We won a grant last year from the City of Norfolk to install water and pavers to make our Bark Park accessible to people with mobility issues. 

Two water stations will be created, one in each section. Two spigots at different heights for little and big dogs will be at each station. Pavers will be installed at the water stations to catch the drips and keep the area free of mud. 

Phase two will be the pavers. At the entrance to the park, pavers will be installed in a permeable fashion. That means that the pavers won't collect rainwater but allow it to drain properly instead of merely run off or puddle. This is important because our park backs up to a tidal creek of the Lafayette River. The pavers will continue inside the entrance corral and then into the different sections of the park. If you've been to the park after it rains, you know what a muddy mess it can be. And because everyone has to enter and exit the park through the gates, grass just can't grow there. The pavers will give people a stable surface to enter the park and reduce the mud. That makes it easier for people in wheel chairs or those with mobility issues to get in and out of the park. And it makes it great for the dogs who won't come home with dirty paws!

Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out the progress at the park!



We have a special way to help raise money for the park and to memorialize a cherished family member. Your $100 contribution will  purchase a sign like this as well as fund the dog park. This metal sign is 18"x12" and is all weather. Signs will be installed on the fence, forever a memorial to your family pet. 

If you'd like to honor your living pet, we can do that too! The sign will say "In Honor of "the name of your pet. You can see examples of both on the park fence.

Email Mary to place your order or if you have any questions.